There are three allotment sites in Harthill with Woodall Parish, these are owned and managed by Harthill with Woodall Parish Council.

The sites are located at Doctor Lane, Firvale and Thorpe Road.

These are statutory allotment sites and were purchased from the Duke of Leeds in 1936, with one small parcel abutting Winney Hill being gifted.

In total, there are 63 plots across the three sites, which are available to rent by anyone living within 1 mile of the parish. There has been some flexibility on this rule where vacant plots are available, though when there is a waiting list parishioners will always be given priority for vacant plots.

The allotments are provided for the cultivation of produce for the benefit of the allotment holder and his/her immediate family. Allotments are not provided for the purpose of any trade or business for financial gain.

The Clerk to the Parish Council oversees the letting of plots under the direction/guidance of the Allotment and Gardens Committee. This committee is made up of Parish Councillors, In Bloom representative and representatives from each allotment site.

The rent for an individual plot is set annually and includes access to the water supply, except for Doctor Lane where this is reflected in a slightly reduced rental.

Details of allotment rents are listed below. 

Doctor Lane
Small Plot - £11
Large Plot - £22
Doctor Lane Allotments map marker
Small Plot - £13
Large Plot £26
Firvale map marker
Thorpe Road
Small Plot - £13
Large Plot £26
Thorpe Road allotments map marker

If you are interested in taking on an allotment plot, please contact the clerk to the Parish Council – please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page.