Our Community

Harthill with Woodall Parish Council has been in existence since 1894. Harthill itself is mentioned in the Doomsday Book so we know that the village has been here for over 1000 years. We retain our rural environment and have a population of about 2000. The centre of the village is our conservation area containing a number of old buildings, including All Hallows' Church, which dates back to the 11th Century. Harthill is a very self-contained village with two pubs and small parade of shops containing a convenience store, bakery, butchers, barbers, dry cleaners and green grocers.

For a small parish there are a surprising number of community groups that work together to enhance village life. This reflects the community spirit in the parish. Information about the various groups and their activities is detailed in the parish newsletter, The Hart. Recent issues can be found on the Newsletter page.

The new website hopefully reflects the beauty of Harthill with Woodall Parish. We would like to thank the people that helped make it so colourful with their wonderful photography. In particular the contributions from Parishioners: Paul Rowland and Ian Lloyd and Councillor Barbara Gunby.