Code of Conduct
Guidelines by which councillors are expected to conduct themselves in their dealings with each other, with council staff and the community.
Standing Order Policy
The rules by which all council business is conducted, governing all council and committee meetings, minutes, accounting, even dealings with the media.
Financial Regulations
Describes how the Town Clerk, as the Responsible Financial Officer, keeps the council's finances in order and prepares accounts.
Model Publication Scheme
Details the information that can be obtained from the council and, if applicable, any associated fees that may apply.
Grants Policy and Application Form
This policy sets out how the Parish Council may provide financial assistance and support to local community groups which are set up to promote village life for Harthill with Woodall residents.
Reserves Policy
The Parish Council needs to hold financial reserves. This policy explains how and why they are held.
Freedom of Information
Describes how a Freedom of Information request can be submitted to the council.
Organisation Chart
This chart reflects the structure of the Council, Committees and Staff roles.
Safeguarding Policy
This policy outlines practises that will promote the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults using Harthill with Woodall Parish Council facilities.
Bio-Diversity Policy

The Parish Council formally adopted this policy on 12th March 2024 in response to the strengthened ‘biodiversity duty’ placed on local authorities introduced by the Environment Act 2021

Equality and Diversity Policy

Harthill with Woodall Parish Council is committed to actively recognising and promoting equality and diversity. We believe in making every effort to be a fair and unbiased organisation.  

Retention of Documents Policy

This document outlines how long the Parish Council retains documents and at what stage the Council will dispose of them.

Complaints Policy 

If you wish to make a complaint to Harthill with Woodall Parish Council, this document explains how to do this and how your complaint will be dealt with.